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Re: Redhat 7+ ?

>Hey , hey hey!!!! Pankaj, are you sure about that? Can anybody else
>conform that? I mean can't I distribute the base 4 CDs of the RedHat
>7.0 Professional CD pack? They consist the two bonary RPM CDs, a doc
>CD and the SRPM CD ...

Thats true. The whole of the professional pack is /not/ for
redistribution. Methinks only the first CD is redistributable, and the
SRPM CD. I'm not even sure about the docs, because it contains the RH
handbooks etc.

>Okay, the rest of the 4 CDs are dream CDs ... They must be doing all
>the trouble. One of them had almost all the CPAN modules I wanted as
>RPMs! Also Python mods, dozens of other stuff like BitchX, etc etc. I
>always thought they were too good to be true :(

If perl and python mods are what they have, they should be
redistributable! Its not so much as that RedHat CD's arent
redistributable, but that some of the third-party programs that are
present on the CD's being licensed by RedHat only for selling once.

In anycase, can we meet behind the bhoot bangla of the kaali pahaadi at 2
PM? Bring the CD's in seperate cases, come alone, and dont even think of
informing the police or you'll regret it. ;-)

-- Sunny.