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Re: Linux goes on Strike!!!

--- neil <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> my system just hangs when i start it. please help.

Dear Neil

Your words work like magic. Now I'm having the above
problem (approx.).
Recently, I done a reinstallation of RH 7.0. And now
when I say 'startx', After starting the 'X' it just
goes for a 'Kumbhkaran sleep'. and nothing works then
no alt-ctr-bksp.
These are the difference btw by first and the sec
1)I installed less number of Packages.(all imp ones
are there)
2)I've choosen KDE as default window manager (earliar
it was GENOME)
3)I've choosen the shell mode as default earliar it
was 'X' Mode.

Interestingly, if I work for say 2-3 minutes in shell
mode, i.e. do some clear and ls etc. 'startx' work
quite fine.
Another thing, I made a user named 'all' for my other
family members, and I placed 'startx' call in
.bash_profile it is also working fine.

This is my system config:
P-III, 64RAM,20HDD,Intel810 Mother Board.


Chandresh Pant
URL : www.chandresh.org
email: chpant@yahoo, mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, chpant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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