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Re: Linux goes on Strike!!!

> Subject: [linux-delhi] Linux goes on Strike!!!

> Hello Dear friends
> Three - four times when I play the mp3 songs, my Linux
> system goes on Hang. Then I have to restart it
> amnnually by reset button.
annually or manually ? ;o)

> ALso with jrun, the same kind of problem occurs. But
> it's rather mild, 'cause it return to normal few min.
> later.

What i smell is....
either your  mp3s are corrupt or are pop music.

otherwise if u hear strange kit kit kit sounds from your hdd...Its time to
grab the warranty guy for a new hdd.
also get you your SMPS checked.

another possiblity. Your hdd time turn off  is set to a very low in your

hope it solves your prob.