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RE: Enter char displayed as Box at end of each line

There is a difference between Linux NewLine characters and windows
Newline characters
In linux it is "\n"   .
In Windows it is "\n\r".

that's why If you open Linux text files in notepad you  see some black
box characters.
you will not see these characters if you open these files in Word Pad or
microsoft word.

try that Word Pad or microsoft word.

Pawan Sangwan

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Dear All,

I am having a problem when i transfer some text files
from linux to windows. When i open some text files in
notepad, I get black box as some funny character at
the end of each line. I guess there is some problem
with the Enter translation. Is there any solution so
that the CR/LF translation happens correctly. I am
using samba to copy files from linux to windows and
vice versa.


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