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DirecPC Satellite Modem & Linux

There was a query on the lists a while back regarding availability of
Linux drivers for DirecPC satellite systems (NICNET is one such
Here is the link



And here is the text.

Helius Releases First Linux Product for DirecPC USB
   Satellite Modem 
     Mar 14th, 00:37 UTC 

   DirecPC Users Now Able to Run USB Satellite Modems With Linux 

   LINDON, Utah, March 12 -- Helius, Inc., the premier technology
developer for
   satellite data solutions, today announced it has enhanced its Network
   Edition(TM) for DirecPC software to support Universal Serial Bus
   Satellite Modems used with the DirecPC satellite data service. What's
more, the
   software is the first that is supported through Linux, a
   open-sourced, multitasking operating system. 

   Over the past five years Helius has actively developed enhancements
for the
   DirecPC satellite service. Helius was the first to develop software
to make
   DirecPC usable in a network environment, specifically for Novell
   Expanding the offering, Helius also developed versions for Windows
   and Linux(TM). 

   Helius' new release enables Linux computers to receive satellite data
via an
   external satellite modem. The modem electrically communicates with
   computer through a USB connection. The advantage of using an external
   interface is that users are not required to open their computers and
insert a PCI
   card into one of the bus expansion slots. This means that the
workstation will
   maintain the integrity of a robust system while alleviating the need
to attach a
   satellite receiver to each workstation. 

   Myron Mosbarger, President and CEO of Helius says, "We are pleased to
   expand our offering by making our product usable on more platforms.
Linux is
   used more widely then ever and offers a very stable and reliable
   environment. We have developed this software to run through a USB
   to free the end user from the conventional PCI card requirements. By
   this software enhancement for DirecPC, we will help grow the
satellite data
   delivery market." 

   The offering is based on fourth generation Helius Optimized(TM)
   improving interactive Internet services over satellite conveyances.
In addition,
   the software can be supported by Helius' Virtual Technician(SM)
service, which
   allows setup and configuration through a remote connection. The
software runs
   on the Helius Model 7100 router box. The Model 7100 is a desktop
router that is
   equipped with two USB ports. The software will also be available
online to
   download for trial tests and sales. 

   Helius will offer the software in a b2b and a b2c sales package. The
b2c retail
   price schedule is as follows: 

           Lite (2-4 users)                    $199.00
           Base (10-30 users)                  $599.00
           Unlimited (unlimited users)         $999.00

   About Helius 

   Helius Inc. develops technologies for broadband satellite
applications such as IP
   multicasting, content distribution and interactive Internet. Helius
has worked with
   leading companies like Philips, Fujitsu, Motorola and Telesat Canada
to improve
   the usability and management of satellite for large-scale deployment.
Founded in
   1995, Helius is based in Lindon, Utah, and is a holding under the Ray
   Noorda/Canopy Group Investment Company. For more information visit
   http://www.helius.com or call 801-764-9020.