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Re: Avermedia VDOmate card

Hi Neil,

>>>>> "neil" == neil  <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> >> It costs around 2500-3000 INR.  On my K6-II 450MHz with
    >> NVidia >> AGP card, xawtv takes just about 0.5% CPU load on
    >> full screen.
    neil> u bloody blagards... how in hell does fullscr work on ur
    neil> systems... on mine, neither TV(the screen freezes) not
    neil> VCD's(i get a small friggin picture in the centre of the
    neil> screen) works

Do you have X >= 4.0.1 or not?  
Also you can try defining 640x480 in your XF86Config file, most
software switch to this mode on full-screen.  Try searching the docs
on whether the Xv extension is supported on your Video card.

    >> output from my handicam, but I'm still not able to see TV in
    >> it.
    neil> try using cpia+V4L2. just might do it for u. when i was
    neil> lookin for a tv driver for my card... i thot i read that
    neil> cpia supports VDOMate cards.

I wish you were right.  But, sadly, google thinks otherwise.  This
link returns nothing useful:

    >> PixelView one for few extra bucks (though it's around 5 months
    neil> i hav pixelview(4 yrs old CLGD5446) and it sucks.

You probably have an integrated VideoCard/TVtuner.  Yes, they do
suck.  I'm talking about Pixelview PlayTV TV tuner here.  I've seen it
in action, and one thing I know about it is that it works under
both Win2k and Linux.

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