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Re: Stalled post to linux-delhi

Hi Vivek,

This happens if:

(a) Your message contains HTML or other funky MIME attachments.

(b) The message or the header are too large.

(c) You're posting from an address which is different from the address
subscribed to the mailing list.

(d) Other reasons, but I don't know them -- the above 3 are most

If it's (a) or (b), the solution is with you: repost the message
without the MIME or the large headers, or trim the message.  If it's
(c) I look at the message and (normally) approve it to the list,
unless it's waaaay off topic.  If (d) -- we'll deal with it when that

You message is obviously getting rejected due to HTML content.  Please
repost it as plain-text -- Linux-Delhi doesn't accept HTML e-mail.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Vivek" == Vivek Chawla <vivek.chawla@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Vivek> can't we post this message?  Vivek ----- Original Message
    Vivek> ----- From: <linux-delhi-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To:
    Vivek> "Vivek Chawla" <vivek.chawla@xxxxxxxxxx> Sent: Thursday,
    Vivek> March 15, 2001 7:54 PM Subject: Stalled post to linux-delhi

    >> Your message to linux-delhi has been delayed pending approval
    >> of the list owner for the following reason(s):
    >> Questionable MIME part in part 2: text/html

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