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Re: Dial Up Internet

Dear Chandresh in the shell mode there is a rpm called wvdial install it
and rename wvdial.default to wvdial.conf. Change the username and
password entry in this file to your dial up user name and password. run
wvdial and it works.
In KDE under KDE Panel-Internet you have KPPP Dialup Configurator and
PPP Dialer , first one can be used to configure the modem (to do it just
plug the modem and run the program) and the second one is to configure
your dialup connection (it makes the entry in wvdial.conf file - Great
!) and to run it.
Once you dial and listen to High Pitch Hand Shake sound then the sound
goes down and you are connected. Now the big question is how to check
whether you are connected or not, just see the window (with title ppp0)
and you can see the connection speed in graphical mode.
Thats all I can tell now if it doesn't work tell me I will work more.

Vivek Khare

Chandresh Pant wrote:

> Hello Dear Friends
> I'm having RH 7.0 in my System at my home (Yes Finally
> I've installed it!!!). I've got some problem when
> dialing my VSNL a/c.
> I used the Dial Up configurator of GNOME. I was able
> to dial the connection (that means my modem is
> working. It is GVC 56 KBPS Modem). It also gets
> connected(I get the normal VSNL messages, But I'm not
> sure that it really connected or not, becuase it keeps
> me telling trying to connect. And there is no F7 to
> continue thing), but when I try to surf the internet
> through Netscape. It's show no internet connection.
> Please Help me!!!
> Also please tell me if there is any method to dial the
> connection when in shell mode (i.e. non X mode).
> Regards
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