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Re: root password in unix

On Thu, Mar 15, 2001 at 05:41:05PM +0530, Ambar Roy wrote:
>> I don't think any other flavour of unix or linux except one allows without
>passwd access. Redhat is the one
>any linux allows this, if u haven't configured lilo properly!!!!!

Its not lilo's problem maybe ju r talkin bout
the lilo stupid clear text password thing.

Its the boot scripts Red hat boot scrips don't ask
for passwd in single user mode
but most/all *nix ask for passwd
I use debian and it does ask for passwd
while bootin in single mode.

The only way to boot without knowing the passwd is
mpunting the filesystem (provided its not encrypted)
and then going to /etc and editing the /etc/passwd

and also the /etc/shadow



then sync and boot normally you have enter as password.

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