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Re: Re: 2.2.16 compile problem

You can also upgrade the xfree86 xwindows and try,also upgarde modutils then try it should work dear.Now it's a matter of doing R&D with different things.


"V.Suresh" <suresh-grl@xxxxxxx> Wrote---
No errors doing install. Compiled perfectly, enabling i810, agpgart support during menuconfig. No probs with that. I have 2.4.0 already. Can't use it, because my winmodem's modules are for 2.2.x kernel version. 
On  0, Yashpal  Nagar <nagar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> mailed:
> Have you enabled the i810 support in kernel ? , it will be in character special devices.For i810 board you must have to enable it. I will suggest you to download the latest kernel 2.4.2 available on http://www.kernel.org and xfree86 package http://www.xfree86.org. Also have u received any error during compling the kernel ?
V Suresh
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