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a few problems

Hi All.,
              there r a few probs that i  m facing pls help me !

1)i installed kernel 2.4.2. on debian box with labe l linuxnew. when i try to use this kernel it doesnt boots up
    message after comes LILO comes says
Loading Linuxnew .............
Uncompressing Something........(i dont remember).....   

after this there is no respone
i checked the lilo.conf it was ok
i made the bzImage correctly
even then no gain
then i tried  make install in /usr/src/linux
it installed the new kernel image in /boot itself  and even prompted for running /sbin/lilo & making bootdisk
still no gain!!!!!!!!!! help

2)i installed qmailadmin,sqwebmail,vqsignup (downloaded from www.inter7.com),for managing virtual domains and virtual users,but there is problem of authtication when i try to intrigrated mails with outlook or netscape from other mc cuz the accounts r not on system level so it cant be auth (virtual users not use /etc/passwd ) in logs error it asks for LDAP . but is there some way to auth without using LDAP .if no then pls tell me how to get LDAP and some information about LDAP.

3) I installed debian on my box(earlier that was a Rhat box) but i found that the kernel that it had 2.2.18pre didnt had module for 3com905b Eth Lan card.so i cant use the card . i downloaded the drivers but the were for kernel 2.2.12 and then i tried to compile this driver for my kernel 2.2.18pre but compiletion terminated with errorr it said some headerfiles were not found

4)one of mc is not able to run X form acc other than root .i tried to run X with a newly created acc but error was same.


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