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Re: SAMBA - is it only a dance ?

Dear Sunil
I am sending you three document which will help you (step by step)
connecting/joining  a linux machine to a NT domain.

Please check, test and tell me if there is any problem.


Sunil Dhaka wrote:

> Hi List,
> This is for SAMBA newbies ( a query I got offline ) Think I should share it
> on the list too.
> > We want to use samba intra-hostel. never used (or heard) about Samba.
> Windows networking uses SMB (now its known as CIFS or something like that)
> To enable a unix / linux box to join a Windoze network SMB is implemented
> over TCP/IP with the free program called SAMBA. By running SAMBA you can do
> the following:-
> 1. Share a directory on a linux box in the Windoze network ( It can be
> browsed under Network Neighbourhood)
> 2. Make a Linux box act as a domain controller ( so u can throw out the NT /
> win2k server )
> 3. Mount windoze shares on the linux box thru a samba mount
> >Can you suggest  a complete beginner's guide ?
> There are lots of docs on the web on SAMBA configurations - all you have to
> do is take the trouble of searching and reading the documentation (use
> google with the search string "SMB"). The books available in the market as
> of now are 4-5 : of these
> 1. SAMBA Server administration - Craig Hunt
> 2. SAMBA - O'Reilly publication
> are excellent sources of SAMBA implementation
> After you d/l the SAMBA rpms / tarballs - install/ compile the program.
> Ensure that samba daemon is running. ( smbd and nmbd should be running )
> If all is fine, now you have only one monster to kill : the /etc/smb.conf
> file
> Its really a simple endeavour and not the monster u think it was ( try
> /etc/sendmail.cf if u want to see an actual monster)
> You can also use SWAT to configure you SAMBA thru a web browser either
> remotely or locally.
> Ensure that /etc/services file has the port 901 entry for SWAT uncommented
> and also there is an entry in the inetd.conf file for swat.
> The command #testparm is used to check if your smb.conf file is configured
> ok
> Please read throug the enclosed files and other documentation.
> Try www.samba.org for more information.
> Let me know if you have any other queries.
> Regards,
> Sunil Dhaka
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