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Re: Server HW

> > PS: Everyone beware, don't go in for segate hdds (esp ide ones) I know a
> > person who hav had changed his new segate hdd 6 times, before he
> > brands (all six of them were bad!!!)
> bloody hell...
> ur talking about changing 6 hdd's cos they were bad???
> man i had a ball,
> i have changed my segate baracuda 4 times.
> the beauty, i use it for 2 months, it conks off and then i get a new one.
> the greater beauty is, from 10 gb, ive gone to 20gb free!!!
here the person had problems with brand new hdds (mostly within a day or
two) and he tried different sizes (20gb-40gb) and finally settled on samsung

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