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Re: [Re: what is this core?]

On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 08:19:37AM -0700, sandeeep bharadwaj wrote:
>whenever an unusual condition occures for example u try to access an  illegal
>memory location (i.e. one thet is outside the scope of the program u r tryin
>to run) a file called core is created to post mortem the whole scenerio.
>nonetheless u wont be needing this file.
>one way to prevent the creation of such a file is to always keep such file
>created with 000 permissions.
>but u may find programs such as netsccape dumping core n overwriting the file.
>then u will have to do it again.

i just did not knew why the hell i never
encountered a core on my debian box

read my previous mail again
and again
and again 
till you understand the question
---end quoted text---

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