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Re: Dial Up Networking - ISPs in Delhi

Thanks a lot Ambar. I think I 've got what I was looking for. Just one
more question. In case of some of the ISPs (I don't remember which one
it was) I have also seen an entry for Microsoft Compression besides
TCP/IP and Password Authentication Protocol on the Details Tab on the
"Connected to ISPx" (under Windows) . Any idea, if there's a Linux
equivalent for this ?


Ambar Roy wrote:
> > Many of the ISPs provide their own dialers and scripts (for Windows). I
> > just wanted to find out to which all ISPs (in Delhi), one can connect
> > through the Dial Up Networking on Linux.
> almost all of these so called dialers are just an interface for the windows
> ras(in fact all i have seen!) All the isps which i have used (VSNL, BPL,
> MTNL, Dishnet dialup, NetKracker, Zee, MantraOnline, Satyam) use standard
> ppp connects. Of these, except for vsnl, all the others use pap for
> authentication, and all of these can be used under linux!! U just need to
> know the phone numbers and have some way to get yourself registered. For
> registration i have found that it might be easier to use windows, or else u
> will have to find out the web site where you need to go to get yourself
> registered! (This is sort of a catch 22 situation, to connect to the
> internet, u hav to hav an internet connection) In most cases i have seen
> that the small booklets that come with the net conn have the registration
> web site somewhere (mostly in the screenshots of the registration process!!)
> Bye,
>     /\ |\/| |3 /\ r