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Re: Dial Up Networking - ISPs in Delhi

> Many of the ISPs provide their own dialers and scripts (for Windows). I
> just wanted to find out to which all ISPs (in Delhi), one can connect
> through the Dial Up Networking on Linux.
almost all of these so called dialers are just an interface for the windows
ras(in fact all i have seen!) All the isps which i have used (VSNL, BPL,
MTNL, Dishnet dialup, NetKracker, Zee, MantraOnline, Satyam) use standard
ppp connects. Of these, except for vsnl, all the others use pap for
authentication, and all of these can be used under linux!! U just need to
know the phone numbers and have some way to get yourself registered. For
registration i have found that it might be easier to use windows, or else u
will have to find out the web site where you need to go to get yourself
registered! (This is sort of a catch 22 situation, to connect to the
internet, u hav to hav an internet connection) In most cases i have seen
that the small booklets that come with the net conn have the registration
web site somewhere (mostly in the screenshots of the registration process!!)

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