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Re: linux o/s

> How about installing Minix instead? It was specifically designed for these
> age-old machines.

Linux works perfectly with these old machines. Minix is designed for even
older machines (8086,286 machines!!!) Though to get any modern distro to
work on any of these old machines wud require you to customise the
installation to a great degree. Also the kernel will need to be recompiled
to support only those things that are absolutely nescessary! The only
problem with linux on machines running sco unix with dumb terminals happens
to be the drivers for the multiport serial cards, and sometimes the scsi
controllers. All the sco binaries shud work on linux w/o any problem! i hav
tun stuff like wordperfect, dbase and lotus 123 for sco under linux!!!
Another thing that can be done to boost the performence of these older
machines under linux is to run an older distro on them! many of these are
perfectly ok for running apps like wp or dbase!

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