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Help with Debian + X

  I recently installed Debian 2.2, but am not able to get X running. I
have i810 m/b. The kernel that comes with the release is 2.2.18pre21. It
supports i810 and agpgart. I did compile these during installation and
they are loaded as modules during boot up. Running xf86config, I am only
able to select vga16 server which has very poor color and resolution. If
I select SVGA it doesn't work and exits with error saying
 SVGA: error doing ioctl(GARTIOCINFO) invalid argument.

  Previously I had to do a mknod agpgart c 10 175   since agpgart was
absent under /dev. Any Debianers with i810 and X please help me.

V Suresh

Email: suresh-grl@xxxxxxx
Web: www16.brinkster.com/vsuresh

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