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Re: linux o/s

On Wed, Mar 07, 2001 at 03:08:52PM +0530, sankarbhat wrote:
>we are having a 486 system with 8 mb ram & six dumb terminals. NO CD-ROM
>We had SCO UNIX with wordperfect and lotus in this.  Some time back the
>system (hard
>disk) crashed. All floppies containing the original UNIX and other
>applications are found damaged. Now we start it with the help of a DOS start
>floppy (Command.com) and  running Wordstar with a floppy containing WS.
>While searching Internet, (from other machine) single floopy linux was
>and downloaded. But unable to load it in the above system.
>Can anybody help me to put suiable linux in this and run with terminals.
there are ton's of em
Try booting frm TombsRTBT / Pocketlinux  
have them both ready before trying 
dragon linux is a 4 floppy based dist 
its quite sexy.

>sankar bhat
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