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Re: Cyber law

On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 09:27:29PM -0500, V Suresh wrote:
>    I would like to know how you set those mail headers that I see from
>your mails, like X-Operating System -Debian black Satan, X_Crazy about -
>look ma, I use mutt, and the stuff.
>How do I set them? I use Netscape Messenger.
I don't know shit about messenger.
Only thing i know is its not as confugrable as
any console based mail reader.

And As my headers say "look Ma I use Mutt"
Use mutt. ;)
and if u use gnus u culd actully send your picture
as a header with each message

(talk about graphiks) 
>Pankaj Kaushal wrote:
---end quoted text---

Violence is a sword that has no handle -- you have to hold the blade.
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