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Re: Cyber law

On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 01:06:38PM +0800, Sanjeev Gupta wrote:
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>From: "Pankaj Kaushal" <apenguinhead@xxxxxxxxx>
>> You don't have to be admiral of a fleet to understand what 
>> bullshit it actully is. Eat This: A policeman can without 
>> warrant enter search seize a computer he thinks is
>> or may be used for "Hacking". Obiviously he can't enter your
>> house he can do that to a machine which is accessible from a
>> public place so he sits in the middle of chawdi bazzar
>> takes out his laptop and pings your pc Oh my god! your
>>  machine is acessable publically.
>Excellent point.  Well made, and summarizes the issues well.
>Someone remind me, what _is_ the issue?  Apropos?
No issue just an observasion
Cuz If we all know and understand I think we all do 

when we are at the frontier of a
technology that no one understands
/Have you seen the bloomberg australian news/

We are the one who understand how easily it is to put someone/anyone
in jail with the IT act. As We are the one on the frontier We would
be the one in jail.

Patrice>Because the day will come (has come?) that Internet/ technology etc. will
Patrice>be (is almost) mainstream elite culture, and that day us people will be
Patrice>kicked out like unwashed, stinky misers. Indeed, it already happened in
Patrice>the official 'development' circles re: 'Internet and the Third World'... 
							-Patrice Riemens <patrice@xxxxxxxxx>

Another observation---

 They (media) shift the attention around the Internet to
 create consumers of the Internet instead of user's. They
 are afraid of user's and call them Hackers.Because users
 are not passive and not happy with that status so slowly
 close the door and leave users/hacker out the regulated
 internet ie THE WWW and EMAIL. email is OK because its one
 to one. don't allow people to own IP address and don't allow
 them to be producers or hosts. instead make laws to restrict
 people  using the internet because obiviously, the internet
 belongs to the companies and the state who brought it to us.
 We are only consumers and are incapable of thinking and producing

---end quoted text---

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