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RE: system admin job

Dear Mr Arun,

Our company is `Institute of Network Technology'. Internet:
As part of our expansion plan, we are introducing  modules on Linux,
Apache,Qmail,Sendmail,BIND for DNS etc to begin with. 
We are looking for association with Linux professionals in  the
undermentioned areas:
a)	Courseware preparation
b)	Practicals & Laboratory work
c)	Linux course project work
d)	Imparting Instructions
e)	Linux based application projects at Corporate clients.

If any, of the above areas interest to u either on Full-time/part-time
basis, pl forward yr details with specific area of interest at the earliest.
On receipt of the same I will schedule a meeting.


A Sengupta

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> Arun <arunper@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi all,
>        I am looking for an opening in system administration of Linux.
> My details are :
>        I have been working as linux system administrator and web developer
> for
> a company
> for an year now. My area of work includes maintaining samba server as pdc
> for
> about 21 win-nt clients, administring apache server for cgi-perl and PHP
> support with PostGre as database. Maintaining  a dhcp and
> nfs server,Firewall and ppp server and client for connecting two networks
> Besides that I have an elementary mail server running(sendmail)
> for internal two different networks of about 45 PCs. 
> Besides the maintenance work these things have been established by me.
> I am also doing programming for them in CGI-perl,ASP and javascript.
> Besides that I am comfortable in  nis and ftp.
> I had done MBA some time back and now am properly into IT.
> If anyone has something for me please let me know.
> best wishes
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