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This thread is dead.  Please bury it.  Please do not respond to it.
Please try to talk about Linux instead of airing your personal likes
and dislikes on the list.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Aditya" == Aditya Okhal <adityaokhal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Aditya> Hi Everyone, This message is an effort to limit the
    Aditya> unnecessary clashes we are having over the net.  If I have
    Aditya> offended anyone, I accept my mistake and give my heartfelt
    Aditya> apology. Image of me getting projected through my messages
    Aditya> is false. I am NO LEFTIST-FASCIST, CULT LEADER or for that
    Aditya> matter SPIRITUAL LEADER. I an NO FANATIC. I am a simple
    Aditya> seeker of knowledge. All this confrontation and snipping
    Aditya> at each other is un-productive, Intellectually draining
    Aditya> and degrading.

    Aditya> This list is for sharing and pooling of the Linux
    Aditya> expertise of all Delhi Chapter members. I am just a novice
    Aditya> to Linux.  I have great deal to learn and I expect you all
    Aditya> to be my guides.

    Aditya> Please don't make any troubling comments. This is a
    Aditya> sincere message.

    Aditya> In end I want to say -

    Aditya> "To Err is human"

    Aditya> Bye,

    Aditya> With Regards,

    Aditya> Aditya Okhal

    Aditya> PN - Neil, Sunil Dhaka, Ambar Roy and Pankaj Kaushal I
    Aditya> wish you knew me in person. Actually It all started with
    Aditya> misunderstanding between Neil and me.  In my reply I was
    Aditya> not attacking Neil. Maybe, my writing style is a result of
    Aditya> heavy and heady cocktail of science fiction
    Aditya> readings. Maybe I should have been lot more diplomatic or
    Aditya> for that matter more simple. I don't know.

    Aditya> Actually Neil's replys were ticking me off. I felt that I
    Aditya> was unnecessarily being behaved to in degrading manner. I
    Aditya> hope you understand. Please don't send any more bossy and
    Aditya> judgemental replies.

    Aditya> ------------------------------------------------ An alpha
    Aditya> version of a web based tool to manage your subscription
    Aditya> with this mailing list is at
    Aditya> http://lists.linux-india.org/cgi-bin/mj_wwwusr

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