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RE: samba?


search for s/w smbfs on redhat linux site and install it. after that you
need to convert encrypted password to plain smbpasswd file. Document on
how to convert is lying on redhat site " just search with key word samba
on redhat support".

Good Luck!!!!!!


-----Original Message-----
From: Harshal Vaidya (CTS)
To: Pune Lug (E-mail); Delhi Lug (E-mail)
Sent: 3/5/01 8:58 PM
Subject: [linux-delhi] samba?

hi all, 
	i am interested in communicating with the winnt an win2k
using the SMB protocol.
      i need help in this .
   	any body who has worked in this field please mail me offlist.

				thank you,
					harshal vaidya.

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