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Clock Skewd

Hii I'm gettin enormous amount of mails saying My mails are timestamped 
Aug 2014 or dec 2014, I know That.

Here is the problem.
Once upon a time there was a handsome, charming prince who used 
debian GNU/linux, and saw that it was good.
And a heartless witch casted a spell, and his system got clock Skewd
And by the time he noticed it was too late.
Everything was in 2014 but he was still in 2001.

So I su'ed and wrote a quick n dirty command to touch everything
that existed but to my dismay nothing happened to the sym links
;( .

And Postfix is still using some sym link'ed libs and may be that causes
to create future timestamped mail drop.

Can any one give any pointers to what may cause such clock skews 
I think time travel ;) .

and is there any way to touch links.

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        You can't fall off the floor.
 Pankaj Kaushal <pankaj@xxxxxxx>
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