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Re: Fuck this mailing list

U know what ?

The only reason that come to my mind is that u r writing to
mailto:raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx instead of  linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
and i think those messages (raju@linux-delhi) cant reach the list unless
raju forwards them manually.
...right ?

I may be rong though.

But 1 thing. If u thought that ur messages were being rejected out
whom were u abusing...i mean no one could have read them !

> Subject: [linux-delhi] Fuck this mailing list
> How come messages I am posting are not showing up.
> If you are trying to block my messages then fuck this
> mailing list. Its being run and monopolised by couple
> of psuedo experts who can't take a piece of criticism.
> Fuck you all. What gives you right to be masters.
> Enough of your shitty and mighty attitude.
> TO hell with you.