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Re: Fuck this mailing list

Yes, you're right.  We've blocked all mails from MS-Outlook users.
Time to switch to EMACS, right?

Seriously though, I don't know which message you're talking about, but
this message surely reached me.


>>>>> "Aditya" == Aditya Okhal <adityaokhal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Aditya> How come messages I am posting are not showing up.  If you
    Aditya> are trying to block my messages then fuck this mailing
    Aditya> list. Its being run and monopolised by couple of psuedo
    Aditya> experts who can't take a piece of criticism.

    Aditya> Fuck you all. What gives you right to be masters.  Enough
    Aditya> of your shitty and mighty attitude.  TO hell with you.

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