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Re: intersting info

I think you folks are overlooking what Hotmail is about.

Hotmail comprises of database servers, web servers, mail servers ,
and all different kind of servers(hundreds of them, i mean quantity
not type) to get the whole show moving.

What you saw by using the Netcraft HTTP header parser on hotmail.com and
lc1.law5.hotmail.passport.com was only their Web servers. For goodness
sake, give M$ a little credit will you? After all these years they
could make a Web server running at a stretch for a month or two!!

It would be lot more interesting to find out the rest of the servers
that they use. From what I heard, Hotmail(and yahoo, egroups etc.)
uses qmail for their mail. And Qmail runs *only* on unix systems. I am
really interested which database they are running! Surely it can't be
MSSQl!! They would need it running on a Cray machine to handle

A link that I had once come across(has since been taken down)
describes the initial few days after Hotmail was bought by M$. It
seems they HAD immedietly tried to run it in IIS, but the downtimes
forced them to move over to Solaris(not FreeBSD). Yahoo runs proudly
on FreeBSD any way, and so does ftp.freesoftware.com.


Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com