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Re: intersting info

Hello Manish, Harshal and others,

All this is really old news.  The 49 day bug is known since 3 years
and is supposedly fixed now (who runs a win95 machine for even a
day anyway?).

Regarding Hotmail, Microsoft HAD to move it to IIS/2000 because they
could'nt run it on a competitor product.  However, by doing it, they
have made hotmail slow as crap.  I'm glad I ducked out at the right

It's really funny to see the great lenghts M$ can go to avoid
competitor products.  They just make one of their own.  MS Exchange
was first used by Microsoft at their own site, and it crashed so much,
their employees starting taking it as an excuse to not having recieved
emails.  And some time back, Microsoft announced a News Server, and
with a hype that it was a great invention.  Probably MS never heard of
INN, huh? But, unfortunately, hype can do a lot.  Hype can make
managers buy crappy stuff.  This is what MS has being doing for so
long.  Ironically, their best product ever (windows 2000) isn't doing
so well.  Heard of the old story?  Tell lies 100 times, then even a
truth will be taken as a lie ;-)

Also, IBM is to linux rescue.  Apart from a $1 Billion promise on
Linux, it is heavily advertising it too.  Check this out:


>>>>> "Manish" == Manish Kathuria <manish@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Manish> Hotmail is indeed on Windows 2000 and IIS 5. It was on
    Manish> Free BSD and Apache until June 2000. You may check that
    Manish> out at http://www.netcraft.com/ for both hotmail.com and
    Manish> lc1.law5.hotmail.passport.com

    Manish> - Manish

    Manish> manish arya wrote:
    >>  hi!  Harshal , i was talking about windows9.X not about NT or
    >> 2000.and win2k is next of win NT gen not of win9X.  and as far
    >> as hotmail is concerned go to http://freebsd.org and see there
    >> that hotmail runs on FreeBSD not on Win2k(i last visited
    >> freebsd site about 5 days ago)
    >> and yahoo too runs on FreeBSD
    >> manish -----Original Message----- From: "Harshal Vaidya (CTS)"
    >> <HarshalV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 11:43:15
    >> +0530 To: "'linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'"
    >> <linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: RE: [linux-delhi]
    >> intersting info
    >> > well tell me , > hotmail service runs on windows 2000 with
    >> iis 5.0 > at least hotmail has been around for more than 3
    >> years now > and of course it goes without saying that the
    >> machines have been on for > more than 49.7 days and havent gone
    >> down for even a while.  > Then how can one beilieve in the
    >> "interesting information which you gave".
    >> >
    >> > harshal vaidya.
    >> >
    >> > -----Original Message----- > From: manish arya
    >> [mailto:manish_arya@xxxxxxxxxxxx] > Sent: Saturday, 3 March
    >> 2001 19:05 > To: linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > Cc:
    >> anuraganug@xxxxxxxxx > Subject: [linux-delhi] intersting info
    >> >
    >> >
    >> > here is a bit of information which may surprise u.  > Windows
    >> crashes automatically if you don't switch > off the machine for
    >> 49.7 days .This is accepted byMicrosoft.  > Do you know why ?
    >> If not read this.........................  > In Windows the
    >> Virtual Machine Manager ( here after > referred as VMM )is
    >> responsible for creation , > execution , monitoring and
    >> termination of virtual > machines. This VMM which is a 32 bit
    >> protected mode > operating system , provides a number of system
    >> > services at chip level of programming .One of these >
    >> services is "Get_System_Time".  > This particular service loads
    >> the EAX register withthe time in > milliseconds since Windows
    >> started .This service is accurate to 1 ms.  > EAX is a 32 bit
    >> register. So the maximum number ofmilliseconds it can hold > is
    >> > (2^32)-1 = 4294967295 milliseconds= 4294967.295 seconds=
    >> 71582.79 minutes > = 1193 hours= 49.7 daysSo after 49.7 days
    >> the EAX resets to zero. Most of > the Drivers use this Time
    >> Service to keep track of > the Time out of various services
    >> they provide. So > after 49.7 days the drives cannot use the >
    >> get_System_Time function of VMM and they crash.  > So do not
    >> keep your machine on for more than 49.7 > days. It will not
    >> only crash but make a big hole in > the pocket (the electricity
    >> bill).  > -- > ____

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