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Re: Certain calrifications

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> (1) In terms of GUI and other add-on goodies
> like servers, utilities and misc. tools, is DEBIAN LINUX
> better than Red Hat Linux.

in terms of the basic s/w they r all the same.. only difference is in
tools provided. Rh. kicks ass in terms of next->next->next->finished
scripts. debian is the more *nix type do it urself.

> (2) How come some members of the mailing list
> have linux.org IDs? Is there any way I can get one
> by fulfilling certain procedural requirements like
> filling certain forms, etc.
how? we fasted for 40 days in pennance for our sins.then bathed in the
holy ganga when the temp of water was 4degC. then we walked on burning
coal and then the hardest of all... begged raju for it.

> "The only thing I know is that I know nothing"
thats bashful?

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