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Re: Which Linux to use?

On Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 10:13:07PM -0800, Chandresh Pant wrote:
>Dear Dipak
>Thanx for the Help.
>I've got RH 6.0 which came with a Linux Book. At
>present I've got WinNT and Win98 installed in my
>system(Dual Boot). I guess i will not be able to
>install the third OS (ie Linux).
>can you tell me if Linux supports fat partition.
>Another question is will I be able use whole of 20 GB
>space of my HDD. ( Because I think linux supports 
>2 GB x 4 partitions).
Who told you that.
The partation system is like this
a hard disk any hard disk drive
can only support only 4 primary partitions 
each of which may be of as much size.
and one of the 4 partations can be a 
logical partation
This logical partation can have 
a... wait a minute ..
 I don't know I have tried 18 more 
partation does anyone knows how much can one make

So don't worry 
I have seen a 40 gb disk runnin perfectly fine on linux.

---end quoted text---

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