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Figting Areana

Hi Sanjay,

While I agree with your feelings, I must also note that there's bound
to be discussion and perhaps strife where ever a number of people with
divergent views assemble.  It's part of life.

I feel that we must take all the ``fighting'' in our stride.  If you
don't like it, the best way to kill it is to ignore it.

I'm not in a position to change the contents of the archives, and I
probably wouldn't even if I could, otherwise they wouldn't reflect a
true picture of our group.  And don't worry, Linux-Delhi didn't invent
flamewars -- they're a part of the Internet culture :-)

Having said all that, I would request people to avoid using strong
language towards one another on the list.  If you want to call me a
b*st*rd, please do it in a personal message, not on the list.  Even
better, come face-to-face with me and do it :-)


-- Raju

>>>>> "Sanjay" == Sanjay Gupta <sanjay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Sanjay> It seems that this lists is used for less of technical
    Sanjay> discussions and more towards personal figting areana.

    Sanjay> This misuse of this forum should be stopped. Or else the
    Sanjay> sole purpose of joining this forum will be defaeted.

    Sanjay> I would also request the list-owner to kindly remove all
    Sanjay> such types of mails from record so that in future if
    Sanjay> somebody is trying to access the records might not have a
    Sanjay> bad impact.

    Sanjay> With best wishes to all and our aim towards a technical
    Sanjay> forum

    Sanjay> Sanjay Gupta

Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/