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Re: Cable modem

On 2 Mar 2001, Lokesh Setia wrote:

> Hi all,
> My local cable-wallah now has cable internet.  

Great. Which part of which city?

> Is this cable modem a stand-alone unit like a router or is it
> something which plugs into the computer?  If it plugs in:
> Is it external or internal?  

External cable modems are the most common. I've never seen one which is
internal, but they do exist I think. The chances of an internal cable
modem working with linux are very bleak, I would say.

About external cable modems, the coax cable from your cable-wallah will
plug into the the cable modem. Almost all cable modems have an RJ45 jack
which connects to your PCs NIC. To your box, it just looks like ethernet.

Some external cable modems connect to the PC via USB. I'm not sure about
linux support. 

In short, a external cable modem with an RJ45 interface should have no
problems working with linux. All you need is an NIC in your box.

Also check out the Cable-modem howto.

Good luck!

bye :)