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Re: Cable modem

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From: "Lokesh Setia" <lsetia78@xxxxxxxxx>

> Is this cable modem a stand-alone unit like a router or is it
> something which plugs into the computer?  If it plugs in:
> Is it external or internal?  And does it work under Linux?

What I have here in Singapore, for what it is worth, is this.

The Cable comes in, goes to a passive splitter, one end goes to TV.

Other end is connected to a General Instrument SB3100i, a "slightly larger
than paperback book" box.  It has three connectors:
    1    Power Supply
    2    Coax Cable
    3    UTP Socket

I use a straight cable to connect to my NIC.  Run pump, and get a DHCP

They are multiple LEDs on the boc, but none that really show anything