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Hello people,
i'm trying to install alsa sound drivers on an i810. i did the .confuger
make and make install for alsa-driver, alsa-lib, alsa-utils, in that order.
this was folllowed by ./snddevices. the manual says the next step is to do a
modprobe, acc. to some advice (i'm not sure of the sound module required), i
tried this
modprobe snd-card-als100.o
but the "cannot find module" was produced. i now the object output is in the
directory cards inside alsa-drivers directory.
i thik i need to specify some paths or something. how do we do that.

i did try adding the path in /etc/modules.conf.

the out put
first it says use of /etc/conf.modules is deprecated. now thats ok. it
doesn't even contain any paths.
again the module not found error is printed

i'm sure there is a problem with the i'm mentioning the path, how do i do

please help

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