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Re: Prob in palying midi file in Red Hat linux 7.0

This is a problem with the Red Hat drivers for audio on intel 81x
chipsets. It has been reportedly fixed in kernel 2.4. You can also use
the Alsa audio drivers for intel 81x chipsets to get rid of this

- Manish

P Subashini wrote:
> Hi ,
>     I have found one problem in linux 7.0 ,while i tried to play the
> midi files via midi player,it just plays after that the m/c gets
> hanged.The similar problem,i have faced in all chipsets(i810 , i810e,and
> i815).
>  I don't know,is it a bug in Red Hat linux 7.0.Have anybody tried to
> play midi files in Red Hat linux 6.2?
> If so,tell me..
> Rgds,
> suba