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Re: Re: free software

> First of all, 'Hi' from a new member. I just joined a
> day ago, and would love to join the occasional
> meeting.
just be sure to wear a lot a padding!!!

> i)Knowledge does not diminish(on sharing), but the
> amount of money that a business can make from any
> knowledge is limited. Why invite unnecessary
> competition?
there we go... that is ur problem... 
u wanna make money from the work of humanity.
u c... whatever u know is due to the work of many a great, whom i dont
wanna pain myself to mention(the list is as long as our civilisaion)
whatever u have learnt, is because of them. and now u wanna capitalise on
that??? how selfish is that??? u wanna make money.. go into
manufacturing. dont stick to s/w.
u c... the entire idea of s/w=money must change if we are to get
anywhere... 10 minds working in 10 parts of the world, working on the same
thing independently are just wasting their time and the time of our
limited xhistance. the reason is that we try to capitalise on almost
everything in life. when it is often not possible or moraly correct.
s/w should be open. like every textbook. and u only pay for the pages..

> iii)If there's no money at the end of the tunnel
> (after the hard work/research is done), what is the
> motivation for working. (Noble motives are quite rare
> and impractical I believe).
hmmm... its always the lesser mind that cannot see beyond the end of his
nose.. try looking deeper into the outcome... the birth of something new
will lead to the need for something more... and that is what u have to
capitalise on.
lemme giv u an example...
when a baby is born, u have to buy it food.
u buy it food, then u need dypers.
u buy it dypers, ... the list continues...

> iv)Supporting Open Software means exposing your
> business secrets to the scrutiny of everyone including
> your competitors.
u really think anyone can keep secrets from those who wanna know???
becides... u must decide what are meant to be kept as secrets and what are
better left in the open.

> v)As a result of (iii) above, sharing the knowledge
> that you acquired after investing in it for free is
> actually detrimental to society at large, because it
> will lead to a situation where not enough
> people/businesses find it worth their while to invest
> in  research.
as if u are the almighty and know what none of us do???
do u know whether itll b detrimental??? did u create an alternate future
and find out??? if u didnt... i suggest u keep ur mouth shut about what
could be.
> Well, actually the day I can figure out how I would
> earn my salary despite not being able to sell my
> software, I will become an ardent supporter of open software
sell u s/w???
to whom????
people are awakening from their sleep. and are finding that they dont need
people like u. s/w is only a medium... not the goal... and until u realise