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Help gujarat

This is for the people of gujrat & all of us who
> want to help.
> There is a site called www.causeanaffect.org which
> is paid for by corporate sponsors. Every click on its
> "Save a life" button will result in donation of food
> packets for the victims. It will not cost anything
> to the people clicking on the site, because
> corporations are paying for the donations.
> Just two clicks would save a life...
> I would appreciate it if you pass it along to your
> friends & others which could help the needy.

Once Upon a time, there was an young man
who aspired to become a writer. He said --
"I want to write things that the whole world
will read, stuff that will evoke strong emotions
from people in every walk of life". He wanted
to write things that will make them cry, scream,
howl in pain and anger. 

Now, he writes error messages for Microsoft.

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