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Re: Drivers

thanx ambar,
i used wvdial, i got the modem initialized and it even dialed.
i got thru the authentication and the console read... starting the ppp
the probs arose when i launched netscape and tried to connect to yahoo..
it just said connecting to yahoo.com but never conected, i waited for about
three minutes
after which i just gave up ???
does nebody have ne idea what could have gone wrong.. ???
i recently changed the ipaddress and the name of my machine , if that helps
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Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2001 3:30 PM
Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Drivers

> Hi,
>     If my guess is correct, this is a dlink 56k external modem connected
> a serial cable to your comp. To use this modem to connect to the internet,
> just use any isp dialup package like wvdial, kppp or the redhat internet
> dialer! You can set this as a standard hayees compatible modem with a port
> speed of 115,200 bps. Follow the docs provided with the above mentioned
> programs to figure out how to use them. Under linux, u don't need any
> special modem drivers for any external modem. Nowadays all of them hav a
> standardized at command set!! also if u need, u can always set any extra
> init strings.
> >         i recall Raj and Sandip talking about the Dlink DMF 560/E modem,
> have this modem, and i works good with Win 98 and Win NT, but i was unable
> to locate the drivers for Linux,
> >
> > How do i configure this modem to work in linux, or for that matter ne
> modem??
> > and i think i need the drivers .. where do i get those (Raj, Sandip
> >
> > i want to use this modem to access the internet from my linux box, how
> i go about doing it ???
> Bye,
>     /\ |\/| |3 /\ r
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