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Re: Drivers

    If my guess is correct, this is a dlink 56k external modem connected by
a serial cable to your comp. To use this modem to connect to the internet,
just use any isp dialup package like wvdial, kppp or the redhat internet
dialer! You can set this as a standard hayees compatible modem with a port
speed of 115,200 bps. Follow the docs provided with the above mentioned
programs to figure out how to use them. Under linux, u don't need any
special modem drivers for any external modem. Nowadays all of them hav a
standardized at command set!! also if u need, u can always set any extra
init strings.
>         i recall Raj and Sandip talking about the Dlink DMF 560/E modem, i
have this modem, and i works good with Win 98 and Win NT, but i was unable
to locate the drivers for Linux,
> How do i configure this modem to work in linux, or for that matter ne
> and i think i need the drivers .. where do i get those (Raj, Sandip !!)???
> i want to use this modem to access the internet from my linux box, how do
i go about doing it ???

    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r