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Re: RPM upgrade

Ahh the joy of doing a search on the net. Inspired by Raju's email I had
another look at my downloads directory and guess what the db rpm also
has a nice little 6x in the filename - my mantra anything with 7x in the
filename - avoid it like plague.

So I wander off to rpmfind.net and do a search for libdb like any sane
guy would be expected to - guess what it found 7 rpms and those were to
read xbase database - hmm something is wrong isnt it. So I go back and
this time I search for libdb-3 and voila I get 41 rpms and all the right
ones this time. I believe db refers to the Berkley db
[http://www.sleepycat.com] - which if I am not mistaken is also being
used by MySql to provide transactions support. So its not a bad thing to
have on your PC I guess :).


Hey after all the pains Raju went through I think it is better if we
made a FAQ. I guess we would need some input from other users especially
if it is someone who is not on RedHat 6.2 for intel. Who knows what is
there on 6.1 or on alpha or sparc...