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Re: booting linux

Dear Mr. Dina-natha,
copy the kernel files in /boot dir to ur windows partition
copy the loadlin.exe from the accompanied cdrom, usually in dosutils dir,
to windows partition
run loadlin from windows with root partition device as parameter(check
the syntax)

the above steps will let u boot to linux but to boot to windows u will
have to restart the system.
note: linux install here should not be done to overwrite the mbr, the mbr
that ur system might be using is of windows2000, where u might have given
dual booting option.

 Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Dina-natha Das wrote:

> Does anyone knows what boot loader to use or how to boot Red Hat 7.0, if
> linux partition starts after 25GB? I have 32GB HDD in my notebook and 2
> partitions 10GB and 15 GB for Win Me and Win 2K, so I'd like to use
> remaining space for Linux. When I install Linux and when I set up Boot Magic
> to boot Linux, Boot Magic tries to boot it but then nothing happens,
> computer just hangs there.
> I would appreciate if someone could help me with this problem.
> Dina-natha Das.
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