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RE: Linux program to determine CPU burst time

Try following
add flag -pg while compiling

in the Makefile
(and then doing a 'make clean; make' and running the program)
will allow you to get profiler information using the command

gprof {your application name}

when the program compiled with the -pg flag runs, it creates a file
with profile information in it.

man gprof
will give you a lot of information about how to use the program

try this and let me know if it worked

Pawan Sangwan

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Subject: [linux-delhi] Linux program to determine CPU burst time

Does there exist and Linux program that runs as a "wrapper" around any program I write, and execute it and then tell me how much of CPU Burst time,etc. my program used ?

This is required as I require to match the theoretical "order" of some of the popular sorting programs with actual clock ticks the program uses the CPU for.




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