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Re: How to upgrade sendmail ?

Dear Vipin,

I have downloaded sendmail_8_11_2_tar.gz file from the sendmail site and
then recompiled it on Redhat 6.2.

Now everything is working fine.

Thanks and Regards

George Joseph
On Wed, 7 Feb 2001,   wrote:

> Ho George
> You should check which Redhat version the rpm has been
> compiled for. I mean if it has binaries for RH 7.0 then
> you neede the source and recompile it to RH 6.2. If you
> download from Redhat's site it certainly has been compiled
> for RH 7.0, so that rpm won't help.
> Get an rpm which has been compiled for a version lower
> than your RH version
> Bye
> Vipin Pandey
> George Joseph T <shibu@xxxxxxx> Wrote---