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Re: Node for Host Adapter????

Hi there,

The theory of operation of a linux driver is rather
simple. First you create a device with a major number
and minor number. The major number identifies the
driver to be used.

You would have done something like register_chrdev or
register_blkdev(depending on whether it is a block
device or a character device, the handling for network
adapters is different, like you don't have a /dev/eth0
:)) This call would register the functions to be
called for that particular major number. In this you
also pass the struct with pointer to functions and
ioctl is one of them.

Now some of the ioctl(s) are handled at the VFS layer
itself(i.e. generic ioctl's), these will not reach the
driver at all. The other ioctl(s) will reach your

so open the device and then do a ioctl on that fd and
see if you driver function is being called or not.


--- Parveen Tandon <Parveen.Tandon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Friends,
> Can anyone let me know does linux make any node for
> Host Adapters as it
> makes for different devices e.g. /dev/hda .
> Actually i wants to invoke my ioctl() function for
> Host Adapter to get run
> time performance data of my driver on linux.These
> are following steps which
> i did :
>  1. Register the ioctl function in driver template.
>  2. When i load my driver and open the node for the
> device which my driver
> detect , id does not call the ioctl() function.
> Can anybody please tell me how i can  invoke ioctl()
> function for Adapter
> card.
>          Thanks & Regards
>    	   Parveen Tandon
>         Software Engineer
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