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study group(s)

hi everyone 

coming straight to the point 
I am studying linux  among other things....
and i have studied a fair bit  on my own
 ( depending what is the size of your "fair bit")

but now I am looking for a study partner or a group

I know its very difficult to find someone 
who is approximately at the same level
prefer to study at  same time, prefer the same Distro  ,et al
In any case I still would be interested 

To me it doesnt matter if you are ahead of me 
in certain fields or I am in ...
I am more than willing to share  my knowledge with you
So if you live in delhi as you are likely to 
be when you subscribe to this list

let me know at this email address

And if many   people are interested  the we can form a Study group 
and meet at times convenient for all


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