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Re: No Dial Tone

Try using the Initialization string for the modem as ATX0 or ATX1

If you have pulse dial then set the dial command as ATDP

> I have been trying to get my machine to connect to the internet through
> Linux.
> I have a dual boot box with Win97 and Linux RH 6.1.
> Modem = D-Link 33kbps
> I have tried
> the GNOME Dialup configurator
> the KPPP
> and all of them say that there is NO DIALTONE.
> I presently use Windows for the Internet access i.e the modem and cards are
> working fine.
> I would like to do all my browsing using lynx from linux.
> I would appreciate some sound :) advise.
> Andrew

Goldwyn :o)