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Hi Folks,

Did my first install of Debian the other day (Sunday, to be precise.
Yes, there /are/ demented people who work weekends also :(  ).  It was
quite straightforward, except that it doesn't support root RAID at
install, which is a bit of a pain.

It took about 1 hour (not including downloading time) to upgrade to
the latest utilities, configure the system and install kernel 2.4.0
(had to do that from www.kernel.org, since there doesn't seem to be a
.deb of 2.4.0 around anywhere).  Installed RAID on the other
partitions after 2.4.0 came up.  Still looking for a builtin utility
which configures networking a la netconf in Redhat (and no, I don't
want to use linuxconf!).

System's running beautifully.  I think I like Debian.  Goodbye, RPM
compatibility problems and rpmfind.net pains.  Now I just have to fix
my CD drive at home and install there.

Supreet, I'm keeping these CD's -- you'll have to call your
AK-47-toting friends if you want them back :) I'll pay for the blanks
if you want to make a new set, and also for your next meal (and
Dushy's) at Dilli Haat if we meet there.

More news when something comes up.


-- Raju
Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/