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    Siddharth> 2. while i am connected the smtp server sends the
    Siddharth> mesg. however when i am not can't i mark the mesgs to
    Siddharth> be sent later? i am resorting to postponing all of them
    Siddharth> and connecting and going to each mesg. and sending
    Siddharth> it. is there a better way?

In PINE, set the SMTP server to localhost, then make sure that
sendmail is running on your machine.  Your messages will be queued in
your local machine.  In your /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-ppp
script add the line:

/usr/sbin/sendmail -q

which will flush the queue each time you connect to the internet.
In case you send huge mails to multiple recipients, you will do
yourself a favour by setting a smart relay in /etc/sendmail.cf
pointing to your ISP mail server.

Hope this helps,