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Unable to Print

I am using RH6.1 Kernel 2.2.12. The RedHat Printtool is unable to detect
I am using a TVSE-MSP155 DMP 9-pin printer which uses Epson emulation. I
chose the same filter but does not work.
The printer was working fine with a DOS station. Even on the Linux station,
the BIOS screen dump - Shift-PrSc - printed OK. The printer Self Test is OK.
The printer is On-line. The printer head moves a bit once, during the Linux
boot process.

My /proc/devices does not list lp as a device. However, I have /dev/lp0 and
/dev/lp1 in the /dev directory. I checked from the BIOS the I/O port address
and the IRQ, and passed them as parameters:

LILO: linux lp=0x378,7

but still, the printer does not respond.

The LPC says, print spooled and queued, but could not start the printer

lpd loads OK during the boot.

I have been able to take successful prints to a remote Jetdirect printer,

Any Hints??

Anand Shankar